At Richmond View Ventures, members are united by their fierce passion to make startups succeed. RVV partners have built highly successful track records as investors, industry thought leaders and strategic advisors to technology management teams before joining our team.

A team of makers

Our team has the deep expertise and real experience to start and guide strong companies in Europe and the US.

We’re hands-on

Our hands-on teams master design, recruiting, marketing, and engineering.

Frederik Fleck

Founding Partner

Frederik Fleck is a serial entrepreneur. He founded RVV to be able to invest in new ventures, and simultaneously remain active as an entrepreneur. His current passion are SaaS, Crowd Sourcing and Mobile projects.

Maximilian Fleitmann

Venture Partner

Maximilian Fleitmann is a serial founder and entrepreneur that has been building companies and products since he was 13 years old. He is passionate about bringing ideas to life together with amazing people. His focus is on tech, education, and consumer-facing products.

Christina Karasek

Team Assistant

Christina Karasek is the Team Assistant at Richmond View Ventures since November 2019. She manages the back office as an independent virtual assistant.