about rvv

Serial entrepreneur Frederik Fleck founded Richmond View Ventures in 2007 to help new founders bring their ideas to market. Initially based in San Francisco and Berlin, RVV now helps launch startups globally. We have a proven track record in the digital tech space and are now expanding into health and longevity, as well.

We fuel startups

We use our expertise to find extraordinary paths for new startups. That doesn’t just mean financial support. Frederik has launched 10 companies and knows the startup ecosystem intimately. Under his guidance, and with the support of his network, RVV provides strategic advice and business development insight to new founders. Currently, we’re focused on three areas: B2B SaaS, health tech, and AI. We’ve mapped each of these industries and identified potential growth avenues for startups. The time to act is now!

This is what we focus on

B2B SaaS

Much of Frederik’s early entrepreneurship took place in the B2B SaaS field. His companies often began as a way to scratch an itch – that is, to solve a problem he himself encountered.

The B2B SaaS industry is more mature now, but with big disruptions (see: AI) on the horizon, there is still great potential to build powerful solutions out of software. New technologies bring new opportunities and challenges. By nature, the large, established firms move more slowly. A new generation of startups will always emerge to fill the gap.

What we know from experience is this: often, it’s the newcomers who solve the biggest problems.

We provide the network to speed things up.


Our understanding of health and longevity has never been stronger than it is today, but the solutions remain inaccessible to most consumers.

This is the ideal environment for startups. The field is evolving rapidly, demand is high, and there are massive opportunities to innovate and disrupt. The companies that succeed will be those with products that are effective, safe, and can be customized to meet individual needs.

Bodies vary. Health conditions are not uniform. One person’s needs are not everyone’s needs. For this reason, we’re interested in startups that evaluate. How can we detect individual health needs at scale? This is the first area we believe health tech will soon address.

The second is developing and distributing solutions to address those needs. We know a great deal about what nutrients, vitamins, lifestyle decisions, and medicines do for human bodies. Here again, however, scaling becomes an issue. Startups that bring scalable solutions to the market therefore have enormous potential.


We are on the cusp of the third great digital innovation.

The first was the internet. The second was the smartphone. Now, it’s generative AI. This technology can write whole texts, produce complex images, and compose new music. It is fundamentally changing what human labor looks like, and no one knows yet what the final result will be.

The big question for founders is: what does a successful AI-powered business look like? Does it offer a product or service? What needs does it address? And what solutions can a company defend with a tool this powerful?

As a SaaS founder, Frederik has seen how the eventual use of new technology is not immediately clear. People spent years iterating on mobile devices before Apple unveiled its App Store.

What will the App Store of AI be?

Let’s find the answer together.