about rvv

Richmond View Ventures was founded in 2007 to merge the business angel investments and entrepreneurial activities of serial entrepreneur Frederik Fleck into a strong platform. Located in San Francisco and Berlin, RVV is poised to work on the cutting-edge of the most innovative developments in the tech industry.


We fuel startups

We help startups with financing, business development and strategic advice. While doing this, we focus on specific sectors for the B2B market and the B2C market. When it comes to B2C business models we concentrate on ideas that tackle the internet, mobile and media world. On the other hand, when we support companies in the B2B space, we like to invest in companies that leverage the power of crowdsourcing. We spend a lot of time mapping out the industries with potential growth for startups. With a deep focus in our practice areas, we are able to quickly evaluate new investment opportunities, and to bring our knowledge and track record  to the boards of our portfolio companies.

This is what we focus on

The original idea is genius in its simplicity: crowdsourcing, a neologism, which combines the terms crowd and outsourcing implies that not only one person but a whole group of people, aka ‘the crowd,’ are asked to perform a certain task or develop ideas over the Internet.

The concept, which is also called swarm intelligence, is based on the belief that a group of people are smarter and more creative than a single person. To reach this kind of crowd online communities are the most useful tools.

These communities are regularly frequented by like-minded people with similar interests, talents, desires and ideas. This relates directly to the classic principle of division of labor – but it even goes a step further: Everyone can join, it doesn’t matter if the person is a beginner or amateur.

Actually, it is often the case that the non-experts are the ones who are extremely knowledgeable in certain specialized fields. People from completely different backgrounds often have completely new ideas and become very valuable in giving innovative new impulses.

We provide capital and expertise for Entrepreneurs and their ventures in the Internet, mobile and media space. Our focus lies on the overlapping sectors in those areas where innovators leverage online and mobile technologies with the vast reach of TV.

We are convinced that new business models can be created at this intersection of new and traditional media. Therefore, we focus on these three key areas, and on what we believe to be new groundbreaking ideas and technologies.

We apply a holistic and diversified investment approach and invest in business our teams understand and can add value to. Our goal is to back the technology companies that disrupt our focus markets today and tomorrow.

To do so, we look to partner with only the best teams in our key focus areas and find the ideas that shape the future of these industries. We complement our teams with strategic growth solutions that identify and unlock demand.