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    Your Responsibilities

    • Support 2 to 3 of our portfolio companies in Berlin for 6-12 months.
    • Work directly with our managers and founders who are coming from companies like Google and McKinsey, to learn first-hand what it means to build a company.
    • Responsible for the implementation of your own projects, whether its sales or operations management.
    • Work in several business disciplines within the portfolio companies and the program will be guided by your interests.
    • Accompany financing rounds and win valuable new contacts to investors.

    Your Skills

    • You have internalized a strong entrepreneurial spirit: „You get things done.“
    • High motivation is a no-brainer for you.
    • Strong analytical skills. You are motivated to develop yourself as a founder and have a deep-rooted desire to learn more about Entrepreneurship every day.
    • Excellent communication skills, team player and creative „out-of-the-box thinker.“
    • You are a digital native with very good english skills.

    Your Gains

    • Direct insights into the reality of entrepreneurship. Learn the dos and don’ts of the industry.
    • Excellent opportunities to expand your own network.
    • Get to know your strengths, and position yourself optimally for your future companies.
    • Work with highly motivated teams and win firsthand knowledge from founders.
    • Develop your ideas jointly with our founders and investor.
    • Adequate remuneration.


    I was deeply involved with an online health startup in its pre-seed stage and learned the ropes of a weekly product iteration process, intense A/B testing, and how to create a brand and leverage it to test different marketing channels. There are very few opportunities to similarly work together with incredibly experienced founders that have built countless successful companies at little to no risk. I went on to join a consumer internet startup in San Francisco where I’m building an in-house SEO team.


    Being Entrepreneur in Residence at Richmond View Ventures gives you the opportunity to learn everything about entrepreneurship from scratch in an extremely fast and sustainable way. A practical hands-on approach and professional feedback from experienced founders and CEOs makes this program great and an extermely helpful experience.


    By joining RVV and the Entrepreneur in Residence Program, I gained a deep understanding of the startup world in Berlin as well as in the Silicon Valley. The opportunity to rotate positions gave me an unique insight into 3 startups in their early and mature stages. Personally, I found my passion in Product Management and Growth Marketing, and I was able to develop myself further in this direction. If you have no team and investors on hand, join and kickstart your journey in entrepreneurship.