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  • adviqo

    adviqo is the global industry leader of spirituality offering spiritual counselling, shopping and content. Not only successful in life coaching, adviqo also has its own TV channels, content based online products, as well as magazines and brochures.

  • AirTM

    AirTM is a Mexico based startup that offers a dollar e-wallet connected to every value network, making it easy to move funds from an e-money network to a local bank account, send and receive USD, and exchange local currency for stable USD held in AirTM.

  • Aquant

    Aquant provides medium and large enterprises with an end-to-end SaaS solution for Service Lifecycle Optimization. Aquant’s solution, addresses the number one issue associated with downtime; obviating the need for repeat service visits.

  • Arzttermine.de

    Arzttermine.de is a free web-based service that allows people to instantly find the right doctor at the right place, and book an appointment online. Users can search by specialty, by location, read doctor information, and see real patient reviews.

  • Bidnamic

    Bidnamic is a marketing technology platform that helps retailers unlock the full potential of Google Shopping. The platform helps retailers to outrank competitors, increasing revenue and market share – in short, it gives them a big advantage on Google Shopping.

  • Bold Voice

    BoldVoice is a mobile application that helps non-native English speakers improve their pronunciation and practice the American accent. The app offers videos from Hollywood accent coaches and practice materials to help you improve your speech in real time.

  • Close

    Close is a CRM Software and scalable way to build and manage your sales team on demand. Close offers a sales communication platform which allows salespeople to spend all of their time closing deals.

  • CODE University

    The CODE University of Applied Sciences is a private, state-recognized University of Applied Sciences and offers three innovative bachelor programs in digital product development for young talents striving to become developers, designers and digital entrepreneurs.

  • Comtravo

    Comtravo makes business travel simple and fast. Whether it is flights, hotels, rental cars, train journeys or Airbnb accommodations, Comtravo makes managing all travel plans on only one platform possible. Bookings can be arranged via email, text message, Skype or booking platform – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Crowd Guru

    Crowd Guru GmbH is built exclusively on the principle of crowdsourcing. Tasks are broken down into small parts or micro-tasks, then processed and re-assembled. Previously, these tasks would have taken weeks. Now thousands of gurus complete these micro-tasks in minutes.

  • Cuely

    Cuely is an AI-based worklife assistant to help companies improve employee wellness and productivity.

  • Curacel

    Curacel was founded with the mission of creating the much needed infrastructure that will drive insurance inclusion across emerging markets.

  • Dedicom

    Dedicom is committed to promoting digital participation among people, believing it to be essential for a fair society. It works closely with its customers to facilitate easy access to technology. This is intended to enable more people to participate equally in societal life and actively contribute to shaping it.

  • Drip Capital

    Drip Capital is an online solution providing flexible lines of credit to growing businesses.  It aims to offer timely and founder-friendly small business loans that help small businesses to cover their work orders.


  • Eduki

    Eduki is a platform for dedicated teachers that want to improve their teaching methods. The service helps teachers, trainee teachers and principals to increase the quality of their teaching through a constant, nationwide exchange of experiences and confidential student feedback.

  • expertcloud

    expertcloud was founded in 2010 to operate a virtual call center, which can be adjusted flexibly thanks to a highly qualified pool of freelance agents on call volume to its customers. The system allows for adequate coverage with specially trained experts during volatile call volumes.

  • Fashionette

    Fashionette wants to make fashion rental of designer accessories like handbags, jewelry and sunglasses popular in Germany and Europe. By using the Internet, this startup allows fashion recessionistas on a budget to wear trendy designer fashion when cash is low.

  • Fastic

    Fastic’s vision is to bring healthy fasting to everyone. We will guide you towards better health, whatever your personal goals may be. Everyone deserves to live a healthy life.

  • Flower Chimp

    Flower Chimp provides flower delivery for any occasion throughout Malaysia. Therefor Flower Chimp collaborates with experienced florists with years of experience happy to serve their customers 7 days a week.

  • Giftly

    Giftly makes sending personalized gift cards for any kind of experience possible. Whether it is treating a loved one to a meal at their favorite restaurant or a visit to a concert, Giftly allows you to send unique and thoughtful gift cards by email, text, print out or as a high-quality greeting card in the mail.

  • Hygraph

    Hygraph enables developers to build powerful content APIs in a matter of minutes, while it gives content creators all the tools they need to manage their content. The hosted content APIs can be easily consumed by websites, apps or any other platform.

  • Infravoltaic

    Infravoltaic aims to accelerate the transition to clean energy. The generation of solar power from facade surfaces as a complement to roofs and open spaces has enormous potential for the realization of the energy transition.

  • Instacart

    Instacart is like an Amazon.com with a 1-hour delivery. Currently focusing on basics and groceries, the company is looking to expand to other verticals very soon.

  • Instant

    Instant Commerce is on a mission to redefine how eCommerce brands build and manage headless storefronts. With our no-code solution, we enable faster-site speeds, higher conversion ratios, and eliminate developer dependencies.

  • JUNO & me

    JUNO & me manufactures tampons made of a 100% organic cotton, produced according to the highest standards of quality and only in Germany. As a matter of principle JUNO & me tampons don not contain any chemical ingredients or plastic.

  • Junto

    Junto unlocks state-of-the-art business knowledge through highly-interactive cohort-based courses led by world-class tech operators

  • Kitchen Stories

    Kitchen Stories, founded in 2014, is an international, user-friendly cooking app for iOS and Android devices. Offering a variety of recipes complemented by high-resolution videos, step-by-step images, practical kitchen tips and informative food articles, Kitchen Stories transforms cooking into a unique, personal experience.

  • miBaby

    miBaby made it its mission to support young parents and parents-to-be with good advice and inspiring new products to help them find the most attractive offers at the best price and get their kids everything they need.

  • Modern Village

    Modern Village is on a mission to build products that give parents the confidence and tools to parent like a pro, everyday.

  • ox8

    ox8 Corporate Finance is an M&A advisory firm founded by experts from leading national and international corporate finance boutiques. ox8 advises and supports entrepreneurs, investors and management teams on groundbreaking transactions in every phase of the transaction process in a spirit of trust and partnership.

  • Oceans Apart

    The Berlin based clothing company Oceans Apart stands for modern, trendy activewear of the highest quality, sustainably produced and 100% vegan.

  • one2like

    one2like is one of the Internet’s top online dating services. The platform brings people together whether they’re looking for a relationship or wanting to meet new people with similar interests.

  • Ostrich Media

    Ostrich Media pioneered Call TV in the UK in 2004 on the Entertainment Channel E4 before successfully expanding into Spain, Portugal, South Africa and China. To date, over £10m in prize money has been given away to over 50,000 winners and the company retains the record for the biggest Call TV jackpot in history of £1m.

  • Rainforest

    Rainforest QA developed a single dashboard for software testing based on the concept of Quality Assurance as a Service. All software needs to be tested but all existing solutions are human powered, making them expensive, slow and complex. Continous deployment is exacerbating this problem. Rainforest QA makes testing simple, fast and cheap.

  • Reputation.com

    Reputation.com is the global leader in end-to-end online privacy and reputation management solutions for consumers. Its product suite, consisting of MyReputation, MyPrivacy, MyChild and MyEdge, focused wholly on preserving the personal privacy and reputation of the company’s worldwide customer base.

  • Salted Beauty

    What Salted stands for Products: Sustainable beauty products with ingredients from the sea.
    Promise: We will help our customers to be who they really are.
    Desire: Our customers are our partner in crime and discover their fearless beauty.

  • SCiFi Foods

    SCiFi Foods is making meat with the same taste, texture, and nutrition as conventional meat, but without any of the cruelty or cost to the planet. It’s cultivated meat is something everyone can feel good about.

  • simfy

    simfy operates as an online music platform. The company allows users to share and store music online, as well as listen instantly to specific tracks or albums via true, on-demand streaming.

  • Soutron Global

    Soutron Global is a cloud-based Library, Knowledge, and Information Management Solutions provider dedicated to “Managing Library Transformation”.

  • Swift Shift

    Swift Shift is a real-time workforce management app for healthcare enterprises. Using Swift Shift, companies can easily cover shifts and communicate with their hourly workforce.

  • test IO

    test IO provides crowd-sourced software testing by using the intelligence of the crowd. A diverse network of experienced testers and regular users can test any kind of software such as mobile apps, websites or enterprise applications.

  • theBASE

    As a globally acting co-living provider theBASE has an answer to changing requirements within strained housing markets and develops innovative and digital living concepts.

  • Tillhub

    Tillhub provides high-end mobile POS systems for the retail sector – regardless of whether you own a single store or 100+.

  • Tiny

    Tiny Super Computer Investment Company is an early stage venture fund investing in pre-seed and seed stage companies in Europe.

  • Tred

    Tred redefines the $600B new car market by letting you test drive from your doorstep. Tred concierges, who gain incentives by customer service reviews rather than sales commission, deliver cars to shoppers who feel no pressure to disengage from a test drive, and can compare different car models side by side in their driveways.

  • TripleMint

    As a full-service real-estate brokerage triple mint offers a refreshingly simple way to find your home. After removing all of the traditional obstacles during the finding and buying process and combining technology, teamwork and personalized service, triple mint created a transparent, productive experience, free of pressure and confusion.

  • Trustspace

    Achieving ISO 27001 compliance and keeping your organization secure can be challenging. Trustspace believes IT security should not impede an organization’s growth but rather accelerate it.

  • Upkeep

    UpKeep gives companies an app to speed up the maintenance work order process. It’s a tool for managers to communicate with technicians who are in the field and a portal for technicians to respond to urgent issues without having to shuffle through paperwork.

  • Vault

    Founded in 2018, Vault is attempting to create a new and better way for company employees to report misconduct, such as workplace bullying or harassment, and in turn replace existing “hotline” systems, which it reckons are underused and often ineffective.

  • Webme

    Webme is an intuitive website builder that simplifies the process of creating a website by using AI to select designs, write text, and choose images. It’s designed for ease of use, allowing quick website creation.

  • wirkaufens.de

    wirkaufens.de is the easiest, fastest, and safest way to turn your used electronic gadgets into cash. wirkaufens.de asgoodas.nu tests and refurbishes the used gadgets and sells them in “as good as new” condition with a 12-month warranty.

  • Y Combinator

    Y Combinator created a new model for funding early stage startups. Twice a year they enable a number of startups to move to Silicon Valley for 3 months. During that time Y Combinator works intensively with them in order to get the companies into the best possible shape and refine their pitch to investors.

  • Zum

    Zum is a ride sharing service designed for busy working parents. It allows parents to send consistent drivers for their kids and is also an on-demand nanny for the care service that parents need around their kids’ pick-up or drop-off. Aside from scheduling rides, Zum provides childcare or can stay back with the kids at activities such as music lessons or tutoring.