At Richmond View Ventures, members are united by their fierce passion to make startups succeed. RVV partners have built highly successful track records as investors, industry thought leaders and strategic advisors to technology management teams before joining our team.

A team of makers

Our team has the deep expertise and real experience to start and guide strong companies in Europe and the US.

We’re hands-on

Our hands-on teams master design, recruiting, marketing, and engineering.

FFSoFrederik Fleck

Founding Partner

Frederik Fleck is a serial entrepreneur. He founded RVV to be able to invest in new ventures, and simultaneously remain active as an entrepreneur. His current passion are SaaS, Crowd Sourcing and Mobile projects.


Norbert Neef

Venture Partner

Norbert Neef is responsible for Richmond View Ventures’ operations. Besides his work as a managing director at a Berlin-based law firm, Norbert Neef has made it his business to successfully lead Richmond View Ventures to the top of the German venture scene. Norbert Neef supports Richmond View Ventures with his widespread knowledge in media and the start-up sector.

Christoph Jung

Christoph Jung

Marketing Specialist

As the marketing specialist at test IO, Christoph Jung is responsible for managing all national and international marketing activities. Previously, Christoph was an Entrepreneur in Residence at RVV. He’s a numbers oriented and analytical person who joys finding new growth opportunities.


Jan Schwenzien


Jan Schwenzien, CTO of test IO, focuses on Ruby on Rails coding, and is responsible for ensuring that the heart of test IO, the software testing platform, keeps running. He enjoys programming and looks back fondly on his many years as a freelance developer in many world-renowned start-ups..


Thomas Grüderich


As Co-founder and Chief Sales Officer at the test IO, Thomas is responsible for marketing, business development, and public relations for the crowdsourced software testing technology. Thomas previously spent three years at Google in the European headquarters in Dublin.


Ralf Schwiegelshon


Ralf Schwiegelshon, managing director at, is responsible for sales and key account management. Ralf has more than 16 years of experience in Call Center Management and previously functioned as VP at walter services GmbH.

Dan Freisem

Entrepreneur in Residence

Dan Freisem is Entrepreneur in Residence at Richmond View Ventures and the newest member of the team. He is a startup enthusiast with passion for new technologies, business model innovations.